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Overview of Awards Process

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Enrolment Procedures:


Open for Applications

Applications and Nomination can be submitted online or by fax

Self Assessment Questionnaire

  Participants must complete a comprehensive self assessment questionnaire

Business Case Presentations

Award Participants have the opportunity to present their business case at the Customer Loyalty Award Forum that is only open to the participants of the CRE Awards and APCSC corporate members

Stage One Screening

Stage One shortlist of applicants are notified

Mystery Call

Mystery calls will be made to the participating organizations. For service centers, mystery visits will be made, and for confidential centers, a site visit will be made

Stage Two Screening - CSQS Onsite Assessment

Applicants’ data, self assessment, mystery call findings with onsite assessment will be referenced to the Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) to establish use of Best Practices. Site visit Q&A Session to double check and clarify self assessment details

Public Webvoting

General public and customers of the participating organizations will have the opportunity to vote for their CRE company.

Winner Selection

Winners are selected based on the above balanced score card assessment results by the Judging Panel of experts.

CRE Awards Dinner Ceremony and Trophy Presentation

Trophies and certificates will be awarded to the winners at the CRE Awards Dinner Ceremony

Press Release & Publication of Newspaper Supplements

Winners will be invited to contribute and support a special newspaper supplement. Interview opportunity would be provided to the winning companies

Important Dates


June - December

Public Nominations & Applications

2018 (Tentative)

January - February

Nomination & Application Deadline

January 31st

Self Assessment Questionnaire submission deadline

March 8th - March 9th

Business Case Presentation

March - April

Mystery Call/Visit & CSQS Site Assessment

April - May

Public Webvoting & Winner Selection

June 15th

CRE Awards Dinner Ceremony & Trophy Presentation


Press Release & Publication of Newspaper Supplements

Schedule of fees
Catagories  HK$ US$ RMB
Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (Corporate)



22,000 (including 2 Awards Dinner seats)

Additional Corporate Categories (per)



12,000 (including 1 Awards Dinner seat)

Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (Individual)



3,200 (including 1 Awards Dinner seat)

Oversea Onsite Visit N/A 950 6,500
Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM) training to implement and comply with CSQS for the CRE Awards assessment criteria 26,000 / 2 people 3,345 / 2 people 26,000 / 2 people

Once enrolled, no refund will be given

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The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.


- Public Service of the Year 2016 (Public Utility)
- Customer Service Team Leader of the Year 2016

(Public Utilities – Contact Center)
- Customer Service Professional of the Year 2016

 (Public Utilities – Contact Center)
- Customer Service Professional of the Year 2016

 (Public Utilities – Technical Center)



Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick, Well Born and H-Privilege)


- Best Use of Knowledge Management of the Year 2016

 (Property Management – Facility Management)

 - Best Clubhouse of the Year 2016

 (Property Management)

2016 Customer Relationship Excellence Winner Statement:

 “For more than 125 years, we have powered Hong Kong’s economic growth, while investing in the most appropriate technologies and fuels to provide a safe, reliable, clean and affordable supply of electricity to both businesses and residential communities. Since 1997, we have maintained a world-class supply reliability of more than 99.999%. as well as a high standard of customer service. We are honored to have won the “Public Service of the Year (Public Utility)” for nine consecutive years and eight individual awards in the APCSC CRE Awards this year. The awards recognize our efforts in the pursuit of excellence, while driving us to make continuous improvements in serving our customers better.”

Mr. Raymond Choi,

General Manager (Customer Services)

HK Electric


 “It’s a distinct honor to receive the CRE Awards for 15 consecutive years and we are pleased to be awarded ‘Best Clubhouse of the Year (Property Management)’ & ‘Best Use of Technology of the Year (Property Management-Facility Management)’ by the APCSC. ‘Henderson Land Group Property Management Department (Hang Yick, Well Born & H-Privilege)’had been achieved numerous ‘CRE Awards’ in Customer Services and other achievements over the years. These achievements have fully manifested our continuous commitment to strive for excellence in premium property management services. It is not only served as a proof of customer’s recognition, but also a great encouragement to motivate us to attain even better performance. Henderson Land Group Property Management Department has been upholding its management philosophy – ‘Interactive Services for Quality Management’ and steps forward to make commitment to corporate social responsibility, customer relationship and social leadership.”

Mr. Suen Kwok Lam, BBS, MH, JP, Executive Director  Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.

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