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The Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium was founded in January 1998 to mobilize the government, universities, and the business community to facilitate the continuous enhancement of customer service in Asia Pacific.

With increasing growth in the financial, telecom and tourism industry, there is an ever increasing emphasis on service quality. Customer service issues in customer service center, technology and management; retention, motivation, training and development of customer service staff; customer loyalty and retention and many others are becoming increasingly important and more so challenging with higher customer demand. That is why many corporations are interested in joining as members in the consortium effort. Their vision, and ours, is to build the major cities of Asia as a premier service center.

Our organisation is the first cross industries consortium of leading corporations in the region that focuses on customer service.

We believe that leading companies in different industries can and should:

  • Learn from one another
  • Pool resources to innovate where no one has yet found an acceptable solution

We provide a better understanding & continuous enhancement of good customer service by:

  • Conducting research and development studies specific to members' needs
  • Providing the infrastructure for learning
  • Organizing meaningful events

Our ultimate mission is to:

  • Elevate the customer service quality across Asia
  • Make Asia a better place to live and do business

China Telecom Global Customer Service Center

- Integrated Support of the Year 2016 (Telecommunications)
- Customer Service Team Leader of the Year 2016

(Network Communications – Technical Center)


DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited


 - Customer Service Manager of the Year 2016

 (Banking – Contact Center)
- Customer Service Team Leader of the Year 2016

(Banking – Contact Center)
- Customer Service Professional of the Year 2016

 (Banking – Contact Center)


2016 Customer Relationship Excellence Winner Statement:


 “China Telecom Shanghai Network Operation and Maintenance Center (Global Customer Service Center) is honored to receive the award of Integrated Support Team of the Year (Telecommunications) for three consecutive years. In addition, our team has received a total of four individual awards. These awards recognize our continual efforts and improvements in customer services over the years. The achievements well demonstrate the dedicated efforts of our frontline team in delivering premier services. All these prestigious accolades provide further impetus for us to work and serve customers better. At China Telecom Shanghai Network Operation and Maintenance Center, we will continue to enhance our services to meet or even to exceed our customers’ expectations.”


Mr. Shao Yang

Director of Global Customer Service Center of China Telecom Shanghai Network Operation and Maintenance Center


 “It is a distinct honour to receive Customer Relationship Excellence Awards for third consecutive year. This is truly the best recognition given to our team - the belief that we can create impact beyond banking and change lives for the better. With continual improvements in services and re-architecting technology infrastructure, we have been fully manifested our commitment to ‘making banking joyful’. Last but not least, I would like to thank APCSC for providing such a platform for the recognition.”


Mr. Nimish Panchmatia

 Managing Director and Head of Technology & Operations

 Hong Kong & Mainland China of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited


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